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Forward: Keep Moving - Part Two

Even when driving south you are still subject to some adverse weather. We had decent luck running from the cold...

Forward: Momentum As A Catalyst - Part One

Forward. It can be the hardest direction to go because it is inherently into the unknown. Sometimes the importa...

Only The Essentials

We floated, we talked, we took a bunch of photos and for a brief instant we just were. Not in the larger existential ...

Sometimes We Canoe

Don't get us wrong, we love what we do but sometimes working in a printshop all day while the sun is shining ca...

Death By Decaf

And of course I have been consuming an insane amount of coffee along the way. Nothing like waking up in the desert wh...

Blue Hole of Santa Rosa

We swam in the "Blue Hole". "The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa is a circular, bell shaped pool east of Santa Rosa, New Mex...
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